Seismometer options (software)

Maintenance software
(DS-7274 / DS-5254)

  • Applicable model DS-7274SW-72 / SW-72R / SW-74 / SW-74SI
  • Applicable model DS-5254TM-0013-SW / SW-52ST

By connecting between the earthquake monitoring equiment and PC with dedicated cable, each settings, earthquake information data (date / time / maximum gal value / seismic intensity) or waveform data can be acquired.

Earthquake waveform display software (DS-7292)

  • Applicable model DS-7274All models

This is the software to list display the earthquake waveforms which are acquired by maintenance software (DS-7274). In addition to scaling function, measurement value can be read with 2 cursors. Maximum value and minimum value function which has on-off selection are available as well as cursor function. Screen split, range or graph color etc. can be set arbitrarily. FFT spectrum display or acceleration response spectrum are also possible to be displayed.