IMV European Technical Center has just shipped of a 6 degree of freedom,multi-axis shaker systems.

In Automotive seat testing, there are many quality checking points, such as driving comfort and Squeak and Rattle noise inspection. Each individual car manufacturer has their own test specification to produce more reliable products, more comfortable products and to meet the latest safety standards. IMV CORPORATION has just shipped a 6 degree of freedom, multi-axis shaker system to a leading European manufacturer of automotive seats which has the ability to independently control each axis and therefore this system meets the latest FORD specification for seat testing. The system uses 2 ×2 horizontal shakers and 4 vertical shakers together with IMV’s high-performance K2 controller to achieve an exact representation of the acceleration waveform for pitch and roll using real road data. Furthermore, the shakers quiet mode has a noise level that is the lowest in the industry which enables accurate noise investigation while still maintaining a payload capacity of 250kg.

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