Seismic Monitoring System with display(TM-0013-SW & SW-52ST)

Can be connected with up to 3 seismometers
TM-0013-SW is an equipment to display and record the outputs of the seismometers (standard type, explosion / dust proof type).
It is a high precision seismometer employing the servo accelerometers that can detect micro earthquakes.
Long period vibration monitoring system (HM-0013)


  • ■ Display function

    Full color and large panel enables speedy observation.
  • ■ Free from complicated connection

    One touch connector enables easy connections
  • ■ Easy installation

    U-shaped fixing hole makes easy to anchor. Level gauge is equipped.
  • ■ Water proof structure

    The accelerometer has IP67 water proof compliant structure for installation at any location.
  • ■ Time history display

    Up to 100 histories can be saved.

Seismic monitoring system with display (TM-0013-SW)

TM-0013-SW is the display record system for a dust-explosion-proof type seismic monitoring system SW-52EX and standard seismic monitoring system SW-52ST. This display can be connected 3 systems, also can display and record the seismic information of 3 systems. It acquires waveform and can output after logical judgement (AND/OR/2 out of 3) against seismic alarm.

  • ・7 inch color liquid crystal touch panel
  • ・Digital output 1-point
  • ・4 GB memory card
  • ・Analog output 6-point
  • ・Earthquake information indication
  • ・Analog output adjustment / test
  • ・Earthquake history confirmation
  • ・Pickup test
  • ・Earthquake alarm relay output 7-point
  • ・Waveform data acquisition
  • ・Fault alarm relay output 1-point
  • ・E-mail notification of earthquake
  • ・Relay output test
  • ・External monitor software connection
  • ・Time calibration
  • ・Printer connection
Block diagram

Seismic monitoring system (SW-52ST /SW-52EX)

SW-52ST/SW-52EX can calculate at real time modified mercalli seismic intensity scale(estimate value by PGA) and SI value, so called “velocity response spectrum”, which is one of the standards to express an earthquake's destructive power against structures by using built-in servo type accelerometer.

  • ・Servo type accelerometer
  • ・Digital input 1-point
  • ・3-direction non-directivity
  • ・Analog 4-20mA output 2-point
  • ・Digital output 3-point
  • ・Pickup test
  • ・Relay output 1-point
  • ・Pickup self diagnosis
Block diagram

Application examples

  • Semiconductor manufacturing facilities
  • Voice announcement in a factory
  • Public facilities


  • Printer RP-E11-W3FJ1-U
    Print accelerometer, earthquake
    scale and time from the
    seismic monitoring system.

Outward dimensions (Unit : mm)

  • TM-0013-SW
  • SW-52ST
  • SW-52EX



Item Specification
Number of connectable
Maximum 3
Screen display 7 inch ( 800 x 480 dot), Color LCD touch panel with TFT
Earthquake monitor : current date and time, earthquake occurrence date and time, maximum value
(intensity scale, acceleration, SI value), alarm output condition
Recording data : log, earthquake history
Setting : time, main body, seismometer system, print
Maintenance : waveform data acquisition, test, memory card
Alarm contact output Photo-MOS relay, contact rating : 60 V- 2.5 A (for both AC / DC, peak value)
Earthquake alarm : up to 7-steps, 1a contact (On alarm occurrence : close)
Reset method : external input, internal timer (Seismometer setting),
touch panel switch / FAULT alarm : 1a contact (At alarm occurrence: open)
(dedicated connector)
Seismometer connection, alarm output, analog output, digital input
Interface (others) RJ-45 (LAN), USB2.0 (TypeA), SD memory card slot, power supply jack
Clock Accuracy : 20 ppm (daily error of 2 seconds) or better /
Seismometer time management : synchronized with main unit time at calibration
Mounting method Wall hanging, panel / rack mount (storing cabinet)
Operating temperature
0 – 40 °C
Operating humidity
20 – 85 %RH (non-condensing)
Power supply 100 – 240 VAC
Mass Display unit : Approx. 2 kg / Including cabinet : Approx.8 kg

SW-52ST / SW-52EX

Item Specification
Detection method Non-directional detection by acceleration with vector composition
Built-in pickup Force-balancing servo acceleration pickup, sensitivity : 2.04 mV / Gal, ±5 % (gravity acceleration standard)
0 to 5000 Gal (composite value of three component vectors) ,
NS and EW axes : ±3000 Gal, UD axis : +2000 to -3000 Gal
Rated range 0 to 3000 Gal (composite value of three component vectors), ±3 % FS (3000 Gal)
Frequency range 0.3 to 10 Hz (±10 %)
Spectrum intensity measurement Natural period 0.1 sec. /step by measured acceleration
Real time calculation of velocity response spectrum by 25 pieces of 1 degree of freedom simulation filters
0 to 5000 Kine (composite value of three component vectors)
(Period 2 seconds, 5000 Gal, Dumping 2 %)
Rated range 0 to 6000 Kine (composite value of three component vectors)
±3 %FS (600 Kine) (Period 1 second, 3000 Gal, Dumping 20 %)
Cycle range 0.1 to 2.5 seconds (0.1 sec. step)
Damping 2 to 30 % (arbitrarily setting of 1 % stepping)
Low-pass filter 30 Hz (-3 dB), 4th order Butterworth filter
A / D converter 24 bit, 100 Hz sampling
Data recording History data : 50 cases+1 case (No.0 – 50) / Waveform data : 20 cases+1 case (No.0 – 20) /
Saving format : Selected from latest priority and maximum priority
*Top 21 cases of history data (No.0 – 20) are always correspond to waveform data
*To acquire the recorded data, dedicated software is necessary
Analog output DC4 – 20 mA x 2 pcs. (resistive load of 300 Ω or less),
Switchable output data (acceleration / seismic intensity scale / spectrum intensity, according to the setting)
Full scale:10 to 3000 Gal / Kine ±3 % full span (16 mA)
(seismic intensity scale is fixed full scale, 1.6 mA step 10 step output)
Relay output 1a contact (Photo-MOS relay) Contact rating : 40 V, 0.8 A (for both AC / DC, peak value)
Output content : Select from earthquake alarm or FAULT
Digital output Open collector output x 3 pcs. (D-GND common) Rated output : 30 V,
50 mA Output detail : select from seismic alarm / FAULT
Earthquake alarm Output when it detects earthquake and exceeds the setting level
OFF at normal time (relay non-excitation, transistor release ) / ON at alarm occurrence
Output factor: select from acceleration / instrumental seismic intensity / SI value
Output level : 0.1– 999.9(Gal / Kine / instrument seismic intensity)0.1 step, 0.0 means alarm action OFF
Reset time: 1– 9999 sec., 1 sec. step 0 second means no automatic reset
alarm reset
Internal timer or digital input (need to set digital input)
FAULT alarm Hardware self-diagnosis, Output from abnormal detection of pickup test, pickup self-diagnosis and system power discontinuity.
On at normal time (Relay excitation, transistor short circuit) / OFF at alarm occurrence
Diagnosis detail : abnormal monitoring of internal power voltage/detection timing : normal time
Pickup self
Diagnosis detail : abnormal monitoring of angular displacement detection mechanism /
detection timing : 2 minutes after start and every 30 second cycle
Pickup test Diagnosis detail : Abnormal diagnosis by servomechanism /
detection timing :Schedule (Once in a month or everyday)Or digital input (digital input setting is necessary)
Schedule setting : ON / OFF of schedule execution, execution once a month by setting of day, time, minute and second.
(Everyday execution when the date is set to be “0”.) *Seismic monitoring is stop during pickup test.
Digital input Open collector or non-voltage contact input × 1 pcs (D-GND common) / Open voltage : approx.13 V /
input pulse width : more than 0.1 sec. /
function switching method by communication setting : seismometer alarm reset, time correction,
pickup test
Serial I / F Collection of measured data, change in system setting, state monitoring, pickup test,
digital input function switching
Interface: RS-485 (2-wire half-duplex communication) /
Communication speed: 115,200 bps/protocol:Modbus(RTU mode)
Clock Accuracy : 20ppm (monthly error of 50 seconds or better) /
Calibration: ±30 second correction by digital input (digital input setting is necessary)
temperature range
0 to +50 ゚C
humidity range
10 to 100 %RH
Power supply 24 VDC ±10 %, ≦10 W
Construction SW-52ST Dust proof, Flood prevention IP67 SW-52EX Explosion proof Ex db IIB+H2 T6 /
Dust explosion-proof Ex tb III 120 ゚C Db
Mounting method Installation on the ground ( fixed by anchor)
I / O cable SW-52ST For connection with a water-proof connector SW-52EX Cable ground (Internal terminal block connection)
Mass Approx. 2 kg Approx. 5 kg
Painted color Metalic silver