Vibration Measuring System

Charge Amplifier (VM-1980/3)

Compact 3 signal route charge amplifier
By connecting with piezoelectric accelerometer, it can output acceleration waveform in voltage.
Charge Amplifier (VM-1980/3)


■ Compact and light weight
■ Desk top or portable use
■ Usable as charge amplifier for vibration analysis system (wavestocker).

System composition

■ AC OUTPUT (±5 V at full scale) Waveform output to oscilloscope, stroboscope and data recorder etc.

System composition

Piezoelectric sensor Charge/share type VP-02S VP-113Ris here デData Acquisition Analysis System Wave Stocker (VM-0330/16)is here

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Item Specification
Input signal Piezoelectric accelerometer
Frequency range 0.4 to 20 kHz
Charge sensitivity setting range 0.01 to 999 pC / (m/s2)
Measurement range 3.3 to 66000 m/s2 (for charge sensitivity 1.5 pC / (m/s2)
*Subjected to change by charge sensitivity
Filter response Low frequency cut-off : Through, 3 Hz, 10 Hz (-18 dB / Oct)
High frequency cut-off : Through, 1 kHz, 10 kHz (-18 dB / Oct)
Calibration signal 156 Hz, ± 2.5 V Sine output
Alarm indication Over range : Red LED light-on (HOLD)
Under range : Green LED on / off (1 second HOLD)
Power supply DC12V (dedicated AC adapter)
Operational temperature /
humidity range
0 to +50 ゚C / 20 to 80 %RH (non-condensing)
Size / Mass 240 (W) x 150 (D) x 35 (H) mm / 0.6 kg

Standard composition

Item Quantity Notes
3 channel Charge Amplifier 1
Power Source Adapter 1 AC100 V 50 / 60 Hz 41 VA
Instruction Manual 1 Inspection certificate is attached on the last page


Item Notes
RS-232C Cable RS-232C communication cable (sensitivity, range, HPF, LPH can be set up by PC)
Pin jack output cable 0.3 m Single lead shield wire, Monaural pin jack-BNC
BNC output cable 1.5 m BNC-BNC cable 1.5 m (RG-58AU)
Connection cable For connection to 2 or more VM-1980

Outward dimensions

Outward dimensions