Vibration measuring systems

Data Acquisition Analysis System Wave Stocker (VM-0330/16)

For waveform data acquisition and analysis
By simultaneous sampling measurement of up to 16 channels, data collection and judgement is possible. It can be widely used for site measurement, monitoring and developmental study.
Data Acquisition Analysis System Wave Stocker (VM-0330/16)


■ Compact and light weight
■ Data transfer by USB 2.0
■ Easy to operate
■ Long term continuous data acquisition is possible


  • ■ Waveform acquisition

    Waveforms of up to 16 channels are displayed and data observation (as waveform only, FFT only, waveform plus FFT) is possible during measurement is proceeding. You can operate various setup, halt and stop etc. instinctively just like a home video recorder.

    Waveform acquisition

  • ■ Analysis function

    Data is saved as text files after various analysis such as inter-channel calculation, filtering, waveform edit, FFT (spectrum) analysis, differentiation, integration, and DC removal etc. The data is available with the commercialized software as Excel.

    Analysis function

  • Transportation vibration time history waveform screen
  • Swept original wave forms screen
  • Resonance graph screen

System Composition

Data aquisition and analysis system (Wave Stocker) is composed of Simultaneous sampling unit (VM-0330R/16), Charge amplifier (VM-1980/3) and Data record software (DS-0330).

system composition


16 Channel simultaneous sampling unit VM-0330/16

Item Specification
Analog input function

Voltage : ±10 V
Input combination : DC / AC (0.07 Hz)
Constant current : 3 mA on-off possible (for amplifier build-in sensor)

A/D converter function Sampling frequency : 12.8 kHz / ch (maximum)
Resolution : 24 bit
Amplifier function x1, x5, x10, x20, x50, x100
Alarm indication function Over range light-on (HOLD)
Digital input /
output function
2 inputs, 2 outputs,
Power supply DC12 V (dedicated AC adapter)
Operational temperature range 0 to +50 ゚C
Operational humidity range 20 to 80 %RH (non-condensing)
Size / Mass 240 (W) x 150 (D) x 55 (H) mm / 1.6 kg

Outward Dimensions

Charge amplifier VM-1980/3

Item Specification
Input signal Piezoelectric accelerometer
Frequency range 0.4 to 20 kHz
Charge sensitivity setting range 0.01 to 999 pC / (m/s2)
Measurement range 3.3 to 66000 m/s2 (for charge sensitivity 1.5 pC / (m/s2)
*Subjected to change by charge sensitivity
Filter frequency characteristics Low frequency cut-off : Through, 3 Hz, 10 Hz (-18 dB / Oct)
High frequency cut-off : Through, 1 kHz, 10 kHz (-18 dB / Oct)
Calibration signal 156 Hz, ± 2.5 V Sine output
Alarm indication function Over range : Red LED light-on (HOLD)
Under range : Green LED on / off (1 second HOLD)
Power supply DC12 V (dedicated AC adapter)
Operational temperature range 0 to +50 ゚C
Operational humidity range 20 to 80 %RH (non-condensing)
Size / Mass 240 (W) x 150 (D) x 35 (H) mm / 0.6 kg

Outward Dimensions

Software DS-0330

Analysis Tool Function
Analysis 000 Data Recording Tool (standard)
This is a data saving tool to make a pre-processing as filing the simultanous sampling data from 16 ch A / D unit, waveform monitoring, regeneration, data extraction for analysis. It is also possible to monitor the original waveforms or FFT analysis in real time of 16 channels. This is an essential item to use other analysis tools.
  • ・Acquisition of 16ch. sampling output
  • ・Filter processor (FIR)
  • ・Triggering
  • ・Averaging
  • ・Weighing of filtering
  • ・Text file output
  • ・Waveform monitoring
  • ・Data recording
  • ・Logger record
  • ・Filter property setting
  • ・Printing
  • ・Analysis line number
  • ・FFT real time monitoring
  • ・Window functions
  • ・Data saving
  • ・Data display between cursors
  • ・ME' scope record mode
    (Coherency, Transfer functions)

Optional software

Analysis Tool Function
Data extract software
  • ・Data extract
  • ・Power spectrum density (PSD) analysis

*The optional software analyzes the waveform CSV file of Analysis 000.