Vibration Sensors

Piezo-resistive sensor

A piezo-resistive sensor has a stable structure composed on a silicon chip created by the micromachining and semiconductor production technology. A mass and a beam on which a set of the piezo-resisters are created on a silicon chip. A set of electrical bridged is formed by such piezo-resistive resisters to generate signals proportional to the applied acceleration.

Piezo-resistive sensor


■ Measurements are possible over the wide frequency range covering down from the ultra low up
 to the high frequency as of several kHz.
■ Compact and light weight
■ High sensitivity
■ Highly acceleration resistant

Frequency response

[ Frequency response ]

The upper usable frequency depends on the characteristics of dampers composed in the sensor itself. The lower usable frequency goes down to DC.

Product lineup

Small Light Vibration measuring system

 VP-7000L ― Stationary on the ground ―

■ Specifications

Sensitivity 100 mV/ (m/s2)
Natural frequency > 450 Hz
Frequency range DC to 100 Hz
Maximum measurable acceleration 20 m/s2
Maximum allowable acceleration 300 m/s2
Operating temperature range -10 to +70 ゚C
Weight 200 g